Saturday 10 August 2019, Public Lecture: Introduction to Emotional Strength – Emotion in Everyday Life

19 Jul • by sharon

A family-friendly lecture for everyone who aspires to understand themselves and their emotional responses in everyday life. With more than 20 years’ experience as a corporate psychologist and psychotherapist, Sharon Faye introduces her original theory Emotional Strength. In her first public lecture, Sharon will enlighten you by sharing her own story from severe childhood abuse to successful psychologist. Sponsored by the Sharon Faye Foundation, WA’s first approved Research Institute on Emotion.

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Reflections of a “retarded” child

26 Sep • by sharon

There were masses of kids in this place called high school. I was wandering through the buildings terrified and overwhelmed by all the activity. I felt stunned and numb. I clutched a crumpled-up piece of paper with a room number in my hand and I was squinting out of blurry eyes attempting to see the room numbers on each door way of the classrooms. I felt so alone.

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School’s Project

25 Sep • by sharon

The Sharon Faye Foundation is working with Edith Cowan University to conduct research to assess the impact of building Emotional Strength in teachers on classroom climate, student-teacher engagement and teacher burnout.  In an era of unprecedented principal and teacher distress, widespread student disengagement, and rising rates of behavioural and mental…

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